Making Pardot Work For You

Let me show you how combining marketing automation and strategy can generate more revenue and maximise your business’ efforts.


Audit your Pardot account

pardot audit

Not keen to do the housekeeping yourself? Let me do it for you! I can perform an overall system health audit and clean up your data, improving the performance of your account while you focus on more important work that matters.

  • Performance check
  • Assets review
  • Data Cleansing

I need help auditing my account

Implement Pardot as your marketing solution

pardot marketing automation

Proper application of Pardot is crucial in the successful performance of your marketing automation. Only when you’ve setup Pardot correctly will you be able to use it to its full potential.

  • Integrating Pardot with Salesforce
  • Pardot technical setup
  • Building marketing scenarios and assets

I need help with Implementation

Other services

Wait, there’s more! There are specialised and advanced services that I can offer. I will happily tailor my services to your business’ needs.


Get on-going and exceptional support, maintenance and specialised services, aptly tailored to the unique needs of your business. I provide easy and flexible solutions in line with your business model to enhance user experience and reduce operations cost at the same time.

User Training

Drive end-user adoption through training current and new staff to make sure they are competently using Pardot and Salesforce in line with your business objectives.

Salesforce Administration

Create workflows within Salesforce to optimize your business processes as we work closely together with your business professionals to provide daily support. I will guide you as you explore and transition to Lightning Experience for faster and higher ROI and better customer experience.

Why work with me?

Inna Kersman Pardot and Salesforce specialist
I am a Certified Salesforce and Pardot Specialist with vast experience in developing and executing digital marketing solutions as well as managing campaigns and performing Salesforce system administration for small and medium businesses.

I am a proud Pardot User Group Leader in Auckland, New Zealand with a serious passion for productivity, believing that every solution introduced to the company should not only optimize business processes, making everyday tasks easy but also bring maximum value and open opportunities for advancement.

My main focus is to build automated solutions without losing one’s unique personal touch.